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Coralie Thornton

I’m Coralie … this page will tell you a little about me.

See What Mom Made is where I share my love of crafting and cooking healthy food, and my constant juggle to find some balance between work and being the best mom I can be. You’ll find tasty gluten-free recipes, family money-saving tips and fun crafting projects with step-by-step tutorials to try.

Last year I finally decided to get fit and I lost 70 lbs by changing the way I eat, sticking to a healthy, clean diet and by increasing  (OK – starting!) exercise!  My love of clean eating is reflected in the recipes I experiment with and share. I try to use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and believe that a family that eats good food together is a healthy, happy family.

When I’m not in the kitchen, working on a craft project or at my day job, as an exercise convert, I’m usually keeping active with my boy. We both love swimming, running and cycling and are experimenting with the idea of joining a triathlon club to bring it all together. I also sing in a local choir and find this a wonderful way to switch off from the world!

A little more

  • Being a mom is my most important and most challenging ‘job’
  • I learned how to cook, sew and ‘make do and mend’ from my mom and my granny, both of whom now watch over me from Heaven. I’m teaching my boy the same valuable life lessons. I’m still fanatical about repurposing
  • I hated cookery and sewing classes at school. I’d learned so much at home, the pace of the classes was like wading though treacle! And what 11-year-old girl really needs to make a pinafore dress??
  • I read voraciously, taking inspiration from books old and new, from the TV and web, from friends and family and from my travels. I’ve often got my nose stuck in a book or my bags packed for a new travel adventure
  • A committed Christian, I respect everyone who lives their life according to a strong moral code
  • I think manners are important, the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are much under used, and that swearing is the sign of a limited vocabulary
  • We live a frugal life, making the most out of everything we have. I’m not materialistic and shopping is not one of my hobbies
  • London is the most exciting city in the world, but I’m glad I don’t live there anymore. The clean air of Yorkshire fills my lungs now
  • Scallops are my favourite food by a country mile, but you can’t beat an English roast dinner with proper gravy
  • I rarely watch TV, but I’m a huge fan of period drama. Ooh Mr D’Arcy!
  • I don’t often drink, but do love a very cold glass of Sancerre or a long Sapphire and slimline tonic with a slice of lime (only Philistines add lemon)
  • Tea is my brew of choice and it has to be Darjeeling (decaf of course!)
  • Guilty pleasure? It has to be artisan cheese

Working evenings after my boy has gone to bed, I blog about managing family finance on a single income to help other moms navigate the motherhood minefield with sanity and finances intact!

A fanatical organiser, neat freak and recycler, I also share clutter-busting tips and my experiences about boosting family income from repurposing unwanted items into fabulous homemade gifts and saleable items.

Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful

Zig Ziegler

Today, I’m a successful and fulfilled woman who’s stared hardship in the face and come out smiling. I’m excited to inspire and guide you to do the same if you’re ready to make changes too.

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