Bucket List Ideas – Are You Daring to Live A Full Life Before You Die?

Here’s my list of things that I absolutely will do before I die. It’s my slightly crazy, seriously ambitious, very personal and totally achievable bucket list ideas. I’m actively working through my list and ticking some items off faster than others.

The only problem with my bucket list is that I’ll never be able to say ‘I’ve finished my list’, as I’m  always finding new inspirations to add! The only time I’ll finish working on my list is when I’m ready to meet my maker!

I have so many big dreams and the world is a wonderful place to explore, with masses of opportunities waiting to be grabbed. As ‘Red’ famously said in the Shawshank Redemption (one of my all-time favourite movies) “You gotta get busy living, or get busy dying”

BUCKET LIST IDEAS I’m determined to get the maximum I can out of life and I hope you are too!

My Travel To Do List

Travel solo Egypt 1998

See the Northern Lights

Travel the alphabet with my son – 26 countries, each with a different initial letter (6/26 so far)

Go whale watching in Alaska

Drink Champagne (proper Champagne please!) in a hot air balloon

Ride on the Thailand–Burma Death Railway (December 1990) Trans Siberian Railway. I LOVE trains!

Stay in the Floating Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur

Swim with dolphins

Visit all 7 continents (Africa<, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America)

Live in another country The Netherlands 1995/1996

Allow my son to fly solo (July 2016, aged 12)

My Fitness Goals

Get back into size 10 (UK size) jeans (Big challenge)

Cycle the Coast to Coast route

Enter a triathlon – London July 2017 booked. I’m in training!

Take part in the Great North Swim

Complete the Great North Run

Be a Good Citizen

Sing Christmas Carols in a hospital (St James’ Hospital, Leeds December 2016)

bucket list ideas

Raise £5,000 for a charity – my ‘why’ is coming soon!

Help fit tracking collars to tigers (April 1978) I really am THAT old (I was a mere child at the time…)!!

Make and sell homemade gifts for a cause

Give Blood

Take Part in a Charity Fashion Show (Nerve -wracking but yes I walked the catwalk in 2012, fund-raising for the NSPCC)


Learn HTML

Start a blog and get 1,000 page views in a month

Get 1,000 Twitter followers (March 2017) 2,000 Twitter Followers

Learn how to play the piano (March 2017 beginners lessons started)

Join a ‘big’ choir (an auditioned one) – I’m not quite ready yet!

Sing at the Albert Hall

Speak in public to more than 500 people

Learn to speak French, German, Dutch, Italian

My Adventure Bucket List Ideas

Learn to kayak (work in progress as I’m still at the ‘paddling for the terrified stage and recovering from a kayaking-related shoulder injury!)

Sleep under the stars in the desert (Egypt 1997)

Complete a high ropes course and zip-wire (July 2016)

Go abseiling (July 1981)

Go to Bounce Below – the giant and totally amazing underground trampoline park in a former slate mine in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales

Ride an elephant (Nepal 1978) camel (Egypt 1997) donkey (Egypt 1997) motorbike (Greece 2000) big motorbike!

Organise a street party

Take part in a pantomime (February 2017) Oh no she didn’t – Oh YES she did!

Go skydiving (3 static line jumps 1985)

Last and Certainly Not Least

Become a mum (Sept 2003) Be the best mum I can be

Find someone wonderful to send the rest of my life with, which is starting to feel like the hardest item on the list…

Share your bucket list ideas

What’s on your life’s to do list? What do you plan and dare to do before you die?






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