Unique Easter Egg Crafts To Try

Do you love experimenting with new Easter egg crafts? Our latest favourite is to make cute little nests to hang up and fill with mini eggs or decorated eggs.

We made these cute little nests for the first time this year. My son gave one to his Year 6 teacher as a thank you gift – we gave it a little ‘bed’ of hay (shredded yellow tissue paper) and then filled it up with mini chocolate eggs.

My son made the one below and the decorated eggs for his grandparents for Easter – they absolutely loved it because it was handmade! (You can find out how to make the decorated eggs here.)

Note: This nest is a wee bit fiddly to make and I recommend you allow yourself a couple of days to bring all of the components together, but it’s well worth the effort. If you’re making this with kids … you’ll need to supervise the fiddly bits and the cutting!


  • 1 balloon
  • PVA glue
  • 30 metres jute string
  • 1 metre jute ribbon (1cm wide)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Coat hanger
  • Large bowl


easter egg crafts

  • Blow up the balloon to the size you want for your nest
  • Put the jute string in a bowl and cover with PVA glue
  • Work the PVA glue well into the jute string, until it is well soaked through (gloves are optional here but it’s strangely satisfying to do!)
  • Hold the balloon firmly in one hand, and wind the jute string randomly round and round the balloon, until there are no large holes left
  • Hang the balloon up to dry for at least 10 hours (we hung ours up on an old wire hanger and left them to dry overnight)
  • Pop the balloon and carefully ease it away from the string nest
  • Removed all traces of the deflated balloon from the nest
  • Cut an opening in the nest to your chosen size
  • Use the glue gun to apply glue to the raw edges of the nest (where you just cut out the hole) and quickly stick the jute ribbon to this raw edge
  • Loop a long length of jute ribbon through the top of the nest, then use this to tie into a pretty bow
  • Fill the egg nest with hay or shredded tissue paper, then your choice of mini eggs, decorated eggs or Easter bunnies

More Easter Egg Crafts

I love to trim the Easter egg nest with a cute little homemade Easter chick.

How to make an easter chick from felt

These felt chicks take minutes to make and everyone loves them! I found this free pattern over at Myrtle and Eunice. I think they look fabulous in our Easter nest don’t you?

kids easter egg crafts
Don’t forget to check out my tutorial for hand-blown decorated eggs! It’s one of those old-fashioned Easter egg crafts my granny tought me and it’s a little bit fiddly but the results are so satisfying. I urge you to give it a go! It’s completely addictive!
decorated easter eggs




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