How To Make Fabric Flowers – Free Step-by-Step Guide and Photos

Learning how to make fabric flowers is rewarding, easy and fun! ! They are some of the cutest, most effective of decorations and they can be run up from the teeniest leftover scraps of fabric.

So, whether you’re looking to make your flowers in a luxury fabric to really jazz up an outfit, you fancy making a brooch or shoe trim, or you’re simply looking to add a little something to your gift wrap, simple homemade fabric flowers are the way to go!


  • Teeny scrap(s) of fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Decorative button (do you have a button stash? I’m always topping mine up and forever delving into it for little projects like this!)
  • Scissors

Instruction: How to make fabric flowers

how to make fabric flowers

Step 1

Cut out 6 or 7 small fabric circles. I usually cut these free hand, but you can make quick templates from household articles if you’re not confident.

I’ve found that using small plates, teacups and saucers works really well.

Step 2

Keeping the right (good) side of the fabric outside, fold each circle in half, and then in half again.

Hold the fabric in place with a pin and repeat for all of your fabric circles.

how to make fabric flowers

Step 3

Thread a needle with 30cm (12 in) thread, knotting both ends of the thread together with a secure double knot.

Stitch through all fabric layers, at the cut edges of the fabric, using a running stitch.



how to make fabric flowers

Step 4: Gather the fabric securely (don’t break the thread!) towards the knot.

how to make fabric flowers

Step 5

Without breaking the thread, repeat the process with each of the ‘petals’ so that you build up your flower.





how to make fabric flowers

Step 6

When you are happy that you have enough petals (I could really have added an extra one here) pull the joining thread tight, to bring all of your petals securely together.

Stitch across petals to secure the structure, by stitching opposite, and adjoining petals together.

You don’t need to worry about this being neat, as your decoration will cover the stitching.

how to make fabric flowers

Step 7: Trim your flower with your chosen decoration

Ideas your fabric flower

Congratulations – you just learned how to make fabric flowers!

Here’s a few ideas for how to show off your flower:

  • Make a matching pair of flowers and attach to plain ballet flats with either a hot glue gun or sticky dots from Amazon. A fabulous and super cheap way to make inexpensive shoes look like designer ones!
  • Sew to a child’s headband (or a grown-up one!)
  • Stitch or glue to a plain hair clip or brooch backer
  • Glue to pretty ribbon and use to trim a gift for someone special

With very little time or effort, you can whizz up some very pretty little fabric flowers – what will yours look like and what will you use them for? I’d love to see your creations.




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