Indoor Herb Garden Ideas – Fast, Cheap and Easy!

We recently moved house and I’ve been missing my old herb garden really badly! I love to use fresh herbs in my cooking so this week I knuckled down to thinking about indoor herb garden ideas. I didn’t want to spend a fortune and I dedided to go for an indoor herb garden as I live in stunning but chilly (in the winter) North Yorkshire. While some herbs will probably cope with living outside, most of them won’t survive our winter frosts.

Quite by chance, when grocery shopping yesterday in Sainsbugs, I spotted a new line in their outdoor living department. OK – I got distracted from the main plan and deviated to have a good old nosey. It was one of those rare luxurious moments of shopping sans child that meant I could linger longer if I wanted to.

My Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

I’d originally planned to buy a small galvanised planter for my herbs, as I have quite a large kitchen windowsill. They did have a lovely one in the shop, but my eye was immediately taken with their cute ice-cream coloured condiment caddies and I fell in love. It was one of those ‘I need this and I need it now’ moments – I just had to have the turquoise one as it’s my favourite colour. Who doesn’t love turquoise? It transports me right back to tiny sun-bleached Greek islands, with little blue boats bobbing in picturesque harbours and fabulous tavernas bursting with good food.

The caddy was available in shocking pink (very, very tempting) too, but I was sold on the turquoise beauty. I didn’t dare think about it and come back later, as there was only 1 left on the shelf, so impulse purchase – kerching! Then I needed to stock up on fresh herbs and luckily Sainsbury’s sell heaps of them. I was a bit spoiled for choice, but chose 6 of my favourites, as the caddy has 6 internal compartments.

Herbs In My Indoor Herb Garden


Perfect for pizzas and in marinades, oregano is pretty amazing dried ready to be used out of season too.

Greek Basil

This is amazing with fresh, sliced tomatoes and so good when torn up and tossed into a salad.


I love to add thyme to my roasting dish when making oven-roasted veggies and it’s heavenly in soups too.


Perfect when finely choppped and added to salad dressings, chives are also great for dressing a dish to take it from good to ‘way hay that looks amazing’.


Seriously, is there anything basil doesn’t go with? It’s my go-to herb of choice and I simply love the smell of it in the kitchen. So clean and fresh. OMG – I hate it when there’s none in the house! It takes a simple plate of beefsteak tomatoes with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar to a whole new place! And when it’s getting a bit old and ‘leggy’ it whizzes up into pesto in seconds


Fabulous in curries, sensational in salsas and I don’t think any kind of sandwich or wrap should be served without a good handful of fresh coriander

How I Turned My Indoor Herb Garden Ideas into Reality

My indoor herb garden ideas

It was the easiest thing in the world to transform my little collection of herbs into a cheerful indoor herb garden. All I needed to do was decide which plant I wanted in each of the compartments in the condiment caddy, take them out of their plastic wrappers and pots and gently ‘squidge’ them into the spaces. Seriously, if it took me 5 minutes I’d be surprised.

indoor herb garden ideas

I love how my herb garden turned out and how amazing my kitchen smells. I can’t wait to start using up my little stock of fresh herbs now.

indoor herb garden ideas

I’m so tempted to head back to Sainsbury’s for the pink caddy. It would look fantastic planted up with sweet peas for the summer and miniature bulbs in the winter. Decisions, decisions…





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