Lavender Sachet Bags – Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

Making little lavender sachet bags and filling them with dried lavender buds harvested from my own garden is something I love to do. Way back in the days before fabric conditioner was even a glimmer in a marketing man’s eye, my Granny made lavender bags to keep her linens smelling sweet and now it’s a tradition I like to keep alive, to remind me of her. Lavender sachets smell heavenly and they are super easy to make.

Pretty Lavender Sachet Bags

When you follow this simple tutorial you’ll be tucking pretty scented sachets into your drawers and linen cupboards in next to no time at all! Or maybe you’ll be wrapping them up and gifting them…

lavender sachet bags

How To Make Lavender Sachet Bags

These sweet little bags are a breeze to run up whether you have a sewing machine or prefer to make them by hand. I’m the first to admit that while I love the homespun charm of something that has been crafted by hand and is completely unique, I do love to use my trusty old Singer sewing machine! It takes no time at all to whizz up a little bundle of these bags.


  • Cotton or linen fabric squares (I used 10cm x 10cm squares of beautiful 100% cotton Cath Kidston
    fabric for the lavender bags in the tutorial below)
  • Needle, thread and pins
  • Dried lavender – from your garden or it’s easy to buy online too.
  • A teaspoon
how to make lavender sachet bags


Take 2 matching or contrasting fabric squares and pin with right sides together. I love these flower head pins because they’re so easy to use and it’s easy to see where they are! Especially when you drop them on the floor as often as I do…

how to make lavender sachet bags

Sew around all edges, with a 3/8″ seam allowance, but make sure to leave a small gap for turning. I sewed the one below by hand and it only took about 2 minutes. You’ll find that a machine stitched one takes seconds!

how to make lavender sachet bags

Snip the corners off diagonally and turn the square to the right side

Fill the bag to approx 3/4 full with lavender. Think of them as ‘pleasantly plump, but not rigid’. As it’s a little fiddly to get the lavender in, I’ve experimented with different ways of adding the lavender and not making a huge mess!

My top tip is to try using a little teaspoon as a way to get the lavender to actually go into the sachets; it works a treat for me!

The  next thing to do is to slip stitch the opening.

Lavender Sachet Bags

Before you know it, you’ll have a tidy little pile of beautiful lavender sachets stacking up – perfect for your linen cupboard or as a gift for a special someone.

These sell fantastically well at fundraisers and fairs too! When you present 3 or 4 sachets together, tied up with a ribbon, you’ll find they’re hard to resist …

Lavender Sachet Bags

Squares and rectangles are the easiest and quickest shapes to make and heart-shaped sachets look fabulous too! With the addition of a little ribbon loop, they look so pretty hanging all round the house!

So, what shape will you choose for your scented sachets?

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