Parenting Tips for Mothers – Switching from Manager to Mom on the Way Home

One of my top parenting tips for mothers is to learn to leave the office and all the stresses of the day behind and to be ready to be mum the moment I walk in the door at home.

I have a fantastic but demanding job. In the same way that I need to be 100% on my game the moment I arrive in the office , to cope with whatever the day is going to bring. I also need to switch off quickly at the end of each day so I can be 100% mum when I get home.

My commute home is about an hour and I’ve learned a few handy tricks to make the most of this ‘dead’ time. It helps me make the most of every precious moment with my son.

7 parenting tips for mothers to help you switch from manager to mom on the way home

1. Plan your escape!

I used to work right up to the last possible minute and sprint out of the door as I was putting my coat on. I found I was still thinking about work as I walked through the door at home. Now I make sure my last meeting finishes at least 15 minutes before I need to leave, so I don’t feel so rushed.

2. Deal with email

I prefer not to log-in once I get home, so I use my commute to get ahead by dealing with the emails that can be resolved fast on the way home and by sending a ‘got it, working on it’ response to those that need more time and consideration  Very stress relieving.

3. Listen to music

I’m a firm believer in the power of music to brighten even the darkest day. When I’ve had a trying day, I choose uplifting tracks with good memories from my playlist to blast away demons and lift my mood fast.

4. Grab the Freebie Newspaper

I try to be eco-friendly and use public transport instead of driving. I always pick up the freebie newspaper and challenge myself to complete the brainteasers.

5. Make Lists

Making a shopping list is a great way to stay on top of your grocery budget. My shopping mantra is ‘if it’s not on the list, it stays on the shelf’. I make my weekly shopping list on the bus, check it against my fridge and store cupboards when my son has gone to bed. I order everything online so I can’t be tempted by sneaky ‘special offers’. Doing this on my commute makes me feel very connected to home and saves heaps of time.

6. Sneaky Exercise

Finding even a few spare minutes to yourself to exercise is a real challenge for lots of mums. I change into my trusty trainers at work then get off the bus 3 stops early on the way home. That way I can have a brisk walk home. It’s free exercise and it helps me arrive home clear-headed from fresh air in my lungs.

7. Say ‘Thank You’

I know it’s not very fashionable, but I always say a cheery ‘thank you’ to the bus driver. It’s a little random act of kindness that makes their day and makes me feel good too.

These stress busting tricks work for me. I hope you’ll find some ideas here to help you manage your work/life balance and to arrive home ready to be 100% mom too.

parenting tips for mothers

What are your top parenting tips for mothers? I’d love to hear them!





  1. Janie | 2nd Feb 16

    Some good tips here. I do find it hard to fit everything into my day and resent ‘domestic admin’ that takes me away from my little ones. Love the idea of doing shopping lists on the way to /from work and I’m going to try that

    • SeeWhatMomMade | 2nd Feb 16

      Hi Janie
      I’m delighted you liked this post and love that you’ve planned how to make one of them work for you.
      Best wishes

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