The Best Way To Lose Weight – How I Lost 70 Pounds in 7 Months by Eating Well

I’ve found the best way to lose weight and have been inundated with friends asking how I’ve done it! They’ve seen how happy, healthy and slim I look and have asked me to help them achieve their weight loss goals too. Now they’ve persuaded me to share my story  …

The Best Way to Lose Weight

Following a simple weight loss plan helped me to drop almost 70 lbs in just 7 months last year. Impossible? Not a bit. Faddy? No, it’s all about clean eating, healthy meal plans, making the most of the benefits of drinking water and getting more exercise. Expensive? My monthly budget didn’t change, I just changed what I was buying. No counting points or calories – frankly that’s just all too complicated!

Here’s how it happened

Last year I moved house, changed doctors and had the shock of my life at my registration appointment when my doctor weighed me! I was mortified to top the scales at 226 lbs.

OMG – I was HUGE!!!

Before I started walking to lose weight, ths was me at my heaviest!


My doctor was not exactly overflowing with support when I asked him the “what’s the best way to lose weight?” question. He agreed I needed to lose weight but the only guidance I got was “It’s all a matter of eating less and moving more”.  And a warning not to try any “fad” diets  Seriously? If it was that easy there would be no global obesity crisis and no need for a multi-million dollar weight loss industry.

So, I felt like I was on my own. But I have a young son, I’m his sole provider and keeping myself in good health is vital. I had the ‘big chat’ with myself that night. And some tears. Time for change. I bought some bathroom scales and a tape measure.

I did plenty of research (aka sitting on my backside on the sofa looking at the internet) then in April 2015, I signed up with Juice Plus and (very scary) I committed to an exercise plan. I found all the positive Juice Plus reviews helpful in choosing a healthy eating plan to follow.

I was delighted to see early results, with 11 lbs dropping off in the first 2 weeks. I’d always scoffed at the idea of quick weight loss plans, but I was hooked! It was really working and best of all, I wasn’t every hungry. For a girl who likes her food, this was a real biggie for me.

I’ve lost almost 70 lbs in just over 7 months. I’m 5 dress sizes smaller!

I’ve kept the weight off despite the temptations of Christmas and the ‘comfort eating’ winter months too. I’ve got another 14 lbs to lose before I hit my goal weight, but I know I will get there by Easter 2016. I will not be the fat mom at the beach this year!

Fitting Health and Fitness into our Busy Family Schedule

Me Dec 2015I’ve had to change how I operate, so I can achieve my weight loss and fitness goals, without compromising the other equally important aspects of my life. I’ve realised (and accepted) that reaching a healthy weight is hard work, but it’s only half of the job. I  have to work on maintaining my healthy weight for the rest of my life (basically because I don’t want to live on rabbit food).

I used to run around doing far too much for my son, spending hours each weekend on household chores without him taking responsibility for regular chores. Stupid me! Now I’ve made big changes and negotiated age appropriate chores with my son which has freed up more active family time. He’s very happy with the pocket-money and I’ve achieved better balance.

I’ve also become adept at organising shopping (all online now) and cooking weekly meals ahead of time. It all adds up to giving me time to exercise. I’m healthier, I look after myself properly and I use every moment the best way I can. People notice!

What’s the Way To Lose Weight to Achieve Quick Weight Loss?

My doctor was right when he told me that losing weight is a matter of eating less and exercising, but there’s nothing simple about it. It’s hard work to burn off those extra pounds.

For me, eating clean and kick starting my fitness regime with walking has worked, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The harder I worked at it, the quicker the weight dropped off. I’m happy to answer your questions about my weight loss journey.

Healthy shakes for raid weight loss

If you have questions about my personal weight loss journey and you’d like to join me in getting fit and healthy, here’s where to find out more.

I’d love to know how you get on with your weight loss journey and to hear about your ideas for the best way to lose weight too!





  1. Mary-the boondocks blog | 20th Feb 16

    Congratulations to you Coralia! That is a major accomplishment. You look great and you must feel full of energy and healthy! And at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about keeping our health.

    • SeeWhatMomMade | 20th Feb 16

      Thank you for your kind words Mary. I totally agree that staying healthy is so important,.

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