Travel Bucket List Planning – Watch Out World We’re Coming!

We’ve started to create our travel bucket list after hearing about the adventure a friend is off on! She’s taking a 6 month sabbatical and is heading off to Vietnam. She’s travelled all around the world and has almost managed to complete her long-held mission to travel to 26 countries. Her plan was for every country’s initial letter to be different, so she could travel the alphabet! She only has 4 more to go after Vietnam (we’re not quite sure what she’s going to do for ‘X’!).  I ‘m happy to admit that I’m more than just a teeny bit jealous. OK – insanely jealous…

Over dinner last evening, I told the reluctant teen about this travel plan. He thinks it’s a brilliant idea and has begged for us to try to do the same. So we’re building our travel bucket list together. We have a little head start as we ticked off a few countries when he was quite small, thanks to some beach-hopping in the good old Med.

Starting Our Travel Bucket List At ‘A’

We’ll be starting our mission in earnest this summer with a trip to Austria (it’s good to start at A). It’s also the perfect opportunity for him to practice his German – Brownie points for Mum from the German teacher!)

We’ve been out and bought the biggest world map we could lay our hands on for his room. We’ll decorate it with sticky dots, one for each country on our travel bucket list, after we’ve visited it.

We've started to create our travel bucket list

Of course, I’ll be looking to see if I can sneak an extra country or two in on the same trip. We’re thinking about which of the 8 countries that border Austria that we might visit too – Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. What a pity that so many start with the letter S when we’ve already ‘done’ Spain!

I also have an ancient atlas and other reference books that we’ll be using to swot up on our destinations before we go.

I love the internet (as does the teen) but I want him to see that there’s more than one way to research. For my money, there’s no simply substitute for poring over an atlas, tracing your route with your finger. It makes it so much more real.

I’ve always had a mad passion for travel! I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have travelled lots (mostly in those halcyon ‘before child’ days). So I’m keen to support the teen’s emerging wanderlust and his hunger to see and experience new countries and cultures.

In the interest of fairness I’ve agreed to discount all of the countries I visited before the he was born.

Our travel bucket list (2003 onwards only…)

Letter Country Date and Review
A Austria Summer 2017
C Cyprus Oct 2007
F France Summer 2005 and 2008
G Greece Summer 2004
J Jersey Visited many, many times!
S Spain Summer 2008
W Wales Summer 2016
X   Struggling with this one – it might have to be a country with a X in it? Mexico perhaps?

our travel bucket list statrs with A for Austria

I’ll be posting a review for each country, so you can come back to find out just how we get along.

It won’t be big budget, but it will be massive fun. I know we’ll have plenty of adventures off the beaten track along the way.

Two weeks in Benidorm on a package deal is absolutely not our style!

What’s on your travel bucket list?




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